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Review of the Russ Bennett Band – New Jersey Wedding at Pleasantdale Chateau

Russ Bennett[1]


Hi Russ,

Thank you so much for an amazing night! Our guests cannot stop raving about how amazing our band was. So much so that a handful of people have asked me to send them the playlist from that night. I assume you don’t really keep record of all the songs that were played throughout the night, but I figured I would check with you.

Also, one of our friends getting married in Maryland next July are looking for a band and they wanted to know if you travel to Maryland to perform?

When I can back down to reality I will be sending another email with a glowing review and the knot, wedding wire, etc

Thank you again for everything!


  1. [Image]: http://www.hanklane.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Russ-Bennett-e1499982444142.jpg