Hank Lane Music: The Joel Young Band Review

Hey Danielle and Stephanie,

UNBELIEVABLE!  If you want a PACKED Dance Floor at your wedding or any other event with all different types of music from the 1940’s to the 1980’s to present day then you only need to contact Hank Lane Productions.  They do it all.  I personally chose The Joel Young Band for our wedding this past October 14, 2016 because they played at my cousins wedding a few years prior.  I am serious when I tell you I am NOT a dance person – I love music – but rather bounce around in my chair then show my “moves” in public – LOL.  The Joel Young Band had me on the dance floor the entire night at my cousins wedding.  Two to Three years later it was time for me to book our October Wedding.  I called Hank Lane Productions to see what Friday’s and Saturdays the band was available that month and planned my date around them… No Joke!.. and they did not disappoint.  We had about 240 people at Terrace on the Park and I don’t think one person didn’t get on that dance floor – it was even packed during dinner service!  We had fun, our guests had fun and the band even had fun.  TRUST ME – give them free reign to play in between your “must have songs” and you will be the happiest bride and groom EVER! But more importantly your guests will be blown away.  They will do whatever you want but trust me when I say they ARE the professionals – let them do what they do.  I have a ton of family that are music professionals as well and they said the band didn’t miss a beat – the singers were incredible, the music was top notch and never a delay in their transfers from one song to the next.  Our wedding was going to be high energy either way – friends and family waited a long time for us to finally tie the knot – but the Joel Young Band made the evening UNFORGETTABLE and SPECTACULAR!  Family and friends are still telling us that it was the best wedding they ever attended.  I’m sorry to run on and on but I really can’t say enough awesome things about them!


Thank you,

Donna Hayes

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