Carol Anastasio & Mimi Brown’s Wedding at the Old Homestead Restaurant, New York

Owners of a New York steakhouse pulled out all the stops and paid for the wedding of two women who tied the knot on the same weekend that New York’s same-sex marriage law went into effect. Carol Anastasio and Mimi Brown have been together for 20 years, and they finally got to say ‘I do’ on July 24. Hank Lane Music provided a beautiful harpist to help usher them down the aisle and play background music for guests that included City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

The couple told the New York Daily News they rushed to city hall on the Monday after the legislation was passed, only to be told they had to wait a month until the law came into effect. The two were featured in an article in June and Marc Sherry, co-owner of the Old Homestead Steakhouse, decided he had to help them celebrate their big day. “They were, I believe, the first couple to apply,” Sherry told QMI Agency on Sunday morning. “The story was very touching.” When Marc rang up Hank Lane to see if he would help out with the music, Hank was only too happy to comply!

For the complete New York Daily News article, click here.

Greeted by Old Homestead owner, Marc Sherry

Carol Anastasio & Mimi Brown

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